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Vampyr games is worth to wait

Le 30 December 2017, 14:53 dans Humeurs 0


At the top of the article I mentioned that I was waiting for a unique game in 2018 right? Well, this game is Vampyr. Why did I say unique? Because this game is an RPG that takes the theme of vampires.

From there it has been seen that this game will be cool right? Dontnod's brilliant studio idea by taking a classic vampire as a theme deserves thumbs up. Moreover, the atmosphere in this game reminds us of Victor Frankenstein movie possible.

Narrated, you will become one of the vampires named Dr. Jonathan Reid in England before the victory of the era precisely in 1918. Well, as doctors, you are asked to save the people who are stricken by the flu or you should kill them because you yourself are vampires who need their blood.

In addition it is also certain that you will be faced with various enemies like monsters and of course, vampire hunters. Here you have to decide the morals chosen because your actions could destroy London or save them.

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The concept is crazy and brilliant in my opinion! In the gameplay that Dontnod has shown, you can perform various maca power to finish off your opponent. For movement problems, you can use teleport to speed up movement.

For terms of graphics, this game is not too special. However, if successful appear promising, it is not impossible this game will be nominated game of the year 2018. Because of its uniqueness, no exaggeration to enter the game Vampyr as one of the most anticipated game of 2018.

For those interested, this game can be ordered loh. For PC gamers, Steam has provided reservations for this game as well.

The Sims Mobile comes to ios

Le 8 December 2017, 12:53 dans Humeurs 0

Remember The Sims FreePlay? Game The Sims is intended for mobile is finally there his successor! EA announced its latest series, The Sims Mobile which will soon be present for smart phones.

One of the most famous series of life simulations, The Sims, has reached its fourth series on PCs and consoles. The latest expansion adds to the excitement by presenting pets. The mobile gamers who can not play the console version need not worry, because EA has announced its latest series for the mobile realm, The Sims Mobile.

Previously, The Sims is present for smart phones with The Sims FreePlay. The title of this one is not so successful but has managed to attract the attention of smart phone players, generally because this is the first series of The Sims are present for android and iOS in 2011. Following this long series, The Sims Mobile comes with more captivating graphics.

The Sims Mobile is currently just coming soft-launch in Brazil. The features offered by this mobile series are almost entirely identical to the PC and console versions, such as complete customization or creating a dream home. One of the unique features of this game is that players can be friends with other people's character sims.

And besides that, players can also create their own family with the desired character. From here, it seems EA is eager to create The Sims series where players can interact with each other, from creating relationships to family together.

Not only that, players can plan a party and invite the desired character sims to party together. Interacting also seems more flexible with the various options offered, such as gossiping, mocking or telling jokes.

The Sims Mobile also provides a deeper detail in work and hobby matters. In the trailer that is displayed, players can choose a number of actions that are displayed while working on a job or run the hobby of the character.

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EA fixed Loot Boxes in Need for Speed Payback

Le 7 December 2017, 12:12 dans Humeurs 0

EA controversy regarding microtransaction and loot boxes began to be addressed by the developers. This time, Ghost Games began to fix the problem of loot boxes as well as their grinding system which is considered too severe by gamers.


EA that never escape from their interference in inserting microtransaction into a game in the end makes many gamers growled. Ghost Games as the developer of Need for Speed ​​Payback began to fix the problem of loot boxes and progression system that haunt the players in this latest NFS series.

Controversy over EA's decision to include microtransaction has been a hot topic in recent weeks. Star Wars Battlefront 2 which became the main problem finally fixed with the In-App Purchase option turned off in the game, although only temporarily.

This decision also finally began to go to other games released by EA, especially the Need for Speed ​​Payback which had previously received a very bad rating on major media. On improvements run by Ghost Games, their main focus begins on the so-called Progression System that is too dependent on grinding.

Starting from a tune-up shop that previously took 30 minutes to wait for the newest parts, Ghost Games reduced the time it took to 10 minutes. This change is very useful considering that 30 minutes for randomly refreshed parts is a waste of time, especially if parts are not found when refreshed.

Reducing the required grinding, Ghost Games also adds the number of REP and Bank received after the race. This increase applies to events and against riders who roam the area. If the player does not win in the first place, the amount will also increase.

ESRB Call Loot Boxes Not Part of Gambling
The more crowded loot boxes in some games make gamers furious. The mysterious box that is considered gambling is finally responded by the ESRB body.

Reducing the need for loot boxes, Ghost Games plans to add more fixes for future updates. Content to be added include increasing rarity cards in the tune-up shop and winning events. Targeted rolls will also receive cards with higher quality.
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